Our Brand

Kate's Ice Cream is a plant-based and gluten-free ice cream company in Portland, OR. Founded by Katelyn Williams in an effort to make an ice cream everyone can enjoy, Kate's collaborates with local makers and Pacific Northwest farms to create delicious seasonal ice creams. Find our scoops, pints, and waffle cones at local events around Portland, or grab a pint at our list of local stockiests here.

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About Kate

Katelyn Williams is an ice cream maker and recipe creator living in Portland, OR.

Originally from South Louisiana, Kate moved to Cambridge, MA with her husband in 2014. She launched her first plant-based ice cream business, Scoop Sights, making ice cream popsicles and selling them out of a tricycle at local farmers markets in the Boston area.

Eventually, Kate and family moved to Portland. Wanting to continue her ice cream journey, she founded Kate’s Ice Cream in 2019.

Kate’s Ice Cream focuses on partnering with local makers and using the bountiful farms of the Pacific Northwest to make seasonal ice creams. If you’re ever at an event, say hi to Kate, she loves meeting her community!

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